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Professor Ly Tran has received a Melbourne Asia Game Changer Award 2021 for making a positive difference to Australia’s relationship with Asia.

November 18, 2021 — Asia Society’s Global Asia Game Changer Awards comes to Australia, celebrating those making a positive difference to Australia’s relationship with Asia. MasterChef Australia’s Melissa Leong shares the stories of our three inaugural Game Changers: Daizy Maan, Founder of Australian Digital Job Accelerator & Australian South Asian Centre, Ly Tran, Professor, School of Education, Deakin University and Australian Research Council Future Fellow, and Leah Jing McIntosh, Editor of Liminal Magazine.

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Wed, 25 August 2021— The national symposium captures a range of perspectives and features panels with speakers who are students engaged in physical and virtual learning abroad in the Indo-Pacific, academics as mobility program leaders, mobility practitioners, Indo-Pacific hosts, third party providers, researchers and representatives from government and professional organisations.

The full content of the symposium can be accessed here.

Reverse mobility is the phenomenon through which students from developed countries undertake international study experience or internships in developing countries. As a government signature initiative of mobility and public diplomacy commenced in 2014, the New Colombo Plan will have sent about 31,000 Australian students to study and undertake internships across 35 countries in the Indo-Pacific by the end of 2018.

Our new article analysed the impact of the New Colombo Plan experience on Australian students' career and life orientation, their definition and re-definition of both personal and professional identities and their connection with the Indo-Pacific. The article introduced the concepts ‘mobility as becoming’ and ‘mobility as connecting’ for understanding Australian students’ learning and engagement with Asia. This is part of a pilot study and a subsequent Future Fellowship project led by Ly Tran on students' learning in and engagement with Asia through the New Colombo Plan funded by the Australian Research Council. The full content of the paper can be accessed via the link:

The number of Australian students studying overseas during their undergraduate years has increased rapidly over the past decade, with one in five undertaking learning abroad. A national investigation into the learning and cultural experiences of Australian students in Asia will examine how international study affects formation of their identity, career directions and future aspirations.

Led by Professor Ly Tran, from Deakin University’s Research for Educational Impact Strategic Research Centre (REDI), the “New Colombo Plan: Australian students’ learning and engagement with Asia” will also explore how students’ insights and understanding of Asia as a result of their experiences can contribute to public diplomacy and inform higher education policy.

Read the complete article at Deakin University.