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New Colombo Plan:

Australian students’ learning in and engagement with the Indo-Pacific

Australia’s future is increasingly connected with the Indo-Pacific region. Preparing young Australians to learn and understand about the people, cultures, societies as well as professional practices of this region is critical to Australia’s economy and prosperity. This Future Fellowship project, funded by the Australian Government through the Australian Research Council to the value of $809,051, explores Australian students’ learning in and engagement with the Indo-Pacific through the New Colombo Plan (NCP) program. Using a multi-method research design, it examines two issues of vital importance for universities and the nation: (1) the learning and engagement of Australian students in the Indo-Pacific; and (2) the effects of their learning and regional engagement. The project addresses a critical need to have nuanced understandings of the longer term impacts of mobility experiences in the region for all students and for the possibility of using student mobility to the Indo-Pacific as a mechanism of public diplomacy. It aims to generate practical recommendations based on sound theoretical perspectives and multi-dimensional empirical research that looks closely at different stakeholder views.

NCP Survey

Shout out to NCP students and alumni to complete a 10min survey, assisting us to understand their expectations, motivations and experiences and the impacts of their experiences in the Indo-Pacific. This will enable government and universities to enhance the outcomes for future participants. Participants can go into the draw for one of 10 $200 Gift cards.

Thank you for supporting a wide circulation of the survey to current students and #NCPAlumni. Grateful to #NewColomboPlan students and alumni for completing the survey.

Article on NCP has been recognised as one of the most read in Higher Education Quarterly 2018-2019. Link to the article:

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